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Dr. Chris Burrell

Instructor of Philosophy at Arizona State University

Dr. Chris Burrell is an instructor of Philosophy at Arizona State University at the Downtown Campus and an Affiliate Faculty member of the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy, at ASU Downtown. He has taught various Philosophy courses at the lower division and upper division, as well as an occasional English Literature course focusing on the classical foundations of English literature. He is the author of the 2017 State of Black Arizona report on Education, has published on race in popular media, and is the Managing Editor of the blog for the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy. He has trained in and taught martial arts for over 20 years and because of this has discovered just as much personal and pedagogical insight outside the walls of academia as in his 15 years of teaching Philosophy. Dr. Burrell was the keynote speaker at the 6th annual Arizona Multicultural Education Conference in 2017.

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What to Expect When You Expect to Live

"It is a laudable goal to try to discuss multicultural education in a conference like this one, but we can’t begin a real discussion on this front until we learn to deal with our basic humanity. Until we consider both what it is to be human and what it means to educate us in all our humanity, concepts like “multicultural”, “diversity”, and “inclusivity” will remain empty and insubstantial. Who and what do we want them to be? What world can we, and they, reasonably expect to inherit? To what purpose do we put education?"